Monday, January 2, 2012

01/02/12 - Dragon

To do today:
  • Walk Bugsy
  • Put away stuff and set up studio
  • Clean a bit
  • Paint
Enough sitting on my behind, it's another goreous, sunny day, enough resting. Time to start making strides in the next stage of my new life. But first, I think I'll add a few notes to my 2012 to do list:
  • Become a go to guy for illustrations - large and small
  • Hold art gatherings in new live/work studio
  • Sell, sell, SELL
  • Go see a show at Avalon and Cable Car regulalry...once a week
  • Go to openings
  • Meet people
  • Create freelance jobs
  • Brand my different abilities
In 2010 and 2011 I succeeded in reaching almost all my goals but now it's time to expand the scope of what I think know and think I'm capable of. I need to expand my goals to include making money regularly and not just creating work that might sell. Keeping in mind the power possible this under the Year of the Dragon, anything can happen IF I set my mind to goals and help the possibilities develop.

Well, off my butt. Off we go - Bugsy grab your leash!....while I put on my pants.

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