Tuesday, January 17, 2012

01/17 - Rut roh

Well, my camera finally crapped out. That's a bummer because I figured how to to colour the map pages last night. Here are the map pages in black and white line:

Yesterday I worked my tail off trying to find colors that worked but, unfortunately, I looked at tried to work the illustration in using obvious color choices which caused an incredible amount of frustration. my biggest mistake was using green to express leaves...which looked fine up close but when I put the pages side by side and stepped back the result was nothing more than a mass of overwhelming greens. So, last night I changed direction and decided to use sepia tones - I'm incredibly happy with the results but can't show you the work - my digital camera finally crapped out.

However, I did find a nice mix of sepias (browns and tans) and greens dabbed here and there so the color work is a bit more subtle and adds to the feeling that the viewer is looking at some place warm and friendly, far away but close to home, and something that requires the use of imagination....hopefully.

It's going to be a few days  or weeks before I can pick up another camera. I apologize but there we are. You'll just have to use your imagination which is 1/2 the point of Scootertown anyway.

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