Sunday, January 22, 2012

01/22 - The little bit I've gotten done

Been moving the rest of my stuff from storage, sorting the house, organizing and trying to get some things in place so I can put my head into working on work. In the breaks I've taken from setting up the house/studios here's what I've gotten done:

Acrylic and aerosol define the base movement.

Added acrylic.

The 2 panels together.

Close up.

The colors are lost in next set of pics - it could be the lighting, could be the camera but I'm hoping I can learn to get it right and be able to capture the greens, yellows and oranges along side the reds, browns and blacks.

One panel in the two panel work. Again, the colors aren't showing up in the photos for some reason...what a shame because it's far more vibrant than this!

The 2nd panel in this two panel piece.

I have to take a break from this particular painting and, to clear my head, switch over to other 3 paintings I have going on as well as the color pages for Scootertown, the illustrated book I'm working on. Follow my Scootertown adventures thru my other blog: http://storiesfromscootertown

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