Monday, January 30, 2012

01/30/12 - Updates to "Punkt"

I paint best first thing in the morning. For the first few hours of the day, as long as the paint from the day before is dried enough, I can breeze thru just about any painting project. This is what resulted from this morning's work:

My camera's lens is slightly bulbous which gives the top of his head a Chairman Mao shape . In the painting, his head is a bit more retangular. 

Defined a lip to his lower eye lid(s) and color to his iris.

Added pinky purple eye shadow, pouty lip and soft, pillowy, turkey neck.

Opened his lips up just a tad - I want him to feel like he could lick his lips or whisper something naughty.

I want him to feel like he's looking straight into the view and about to whipser "you!".

Next stage is almost the last stage - I'll be filling the background with text. But first, gotta start a few more paintings....

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