Sunday, January 15, 2012

01/15/12 - Half way thru the first month of 2012

YIKES! Time is flying by!!!! Because of the horrible situation at my rental in New Bedford and the  move, I feel like I'm months behind on producing work. I'm frantically playing catch up - hate wasting time...

Here's pics of the work I have going now in their various stages. I tend to keep work moving in an rotation system I set up a few years ago when I was working for Trader Joe's. I start a work, bring it to a certain point, stop start another one, bring that to a certain point, stop start another one and so on. And once I have several pieces started I bring one or two to the next level and then the next level, go back bring a few more up to speed till I have work in each stage of application: start, aerosol, lite acrylic, heavy acrylic, more aerosol; pencil, chalk and ink (if needed), and finally oils and oil pastels. Since my only interest is producing work, I don't care about having a living room, dining room, bedroom, etc and I tend to split my space up into specific stage areas and, luckily, my new digs provides me with enough space that I can assign each room a specific stage and purpose for my work.

The pics below show some of the work I have going now and in it's various stages.
PLEASE excuse the blurry pics - my trusty camera is on it's last legs.

A 4' x 4' protrait on masonite - lite acrylic and aerosol.

A larger view.

Another work in the 2nd stage: thicker acrylic and more aerosol.

A 3rd work on masonite - it's in the midst of it's last acrylic application stage.

I posted this the other day but here it is - the acrylic stage is done and now it's waiting for oils.

A very blurry full view of the portrait.

The absolute beginning of a pen and ink image on acrylic and paper.

I have 3 more (smaller) canvas'  in my start room waiting for an idea or image to be applied. It may seem a bit excessive to work this way, having multiple images and ideas going at once, but I work at my best when I'm not forced to concentrate on one thing in one place for a long period of time - the organization keeps my work flowing, fresh and energetic looking.

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