Friday, January 6, 2012

01/06/12 - "Ik ben, said the little fawn" - not quite done but in it's stages to this point.

The start of another "Ik ben", I am. I am is an important statement even in our current state of look at me social networking and reality tv. "I am" doens't have to be a infereence to be a Snookie type, attention seeking charaxcter. i am can just be statement made in the head of a person who really doezs go unseen or who's been told that they have no right to make themselves obvious.
Black ground, thick black acrylic and aerosol. 


Still just basic acrylics and aerosol.

After the first layer of oils.

After the several layer of oils the painting was put up n a chair and worked on from .a mirror image but I still didn't get it - I forgot to do something.....but regardless I posted the wrok on FB which usually helps me to see the work a little clearer and thru fresh eyes.

After I started posting pics of the work on FB I was able to evaluate what needs tyo be done so I opened up little fawn's forehead and added more red not only to fawn's face but to fawn's suit, hair, neck and the hash marks that run thru the work. I also relaxed the mouth gave fawn a bit of pink eye and am waiting for the work to dry a bit so I can just finish.

It's hard for me to evaluate what's mssing in a project tell I can see it posted somewhere in public - the potential for humiliation  makes the stumbling blocks  abundantly clear and I'm suddenly able to remember what I forgot to do to make the piece pull together. I think putting my work out to by seen and opening myself for public ridicule helps my head to remember and calculate the work's ending pretty quickly

Will post finished work asap but gotta shower and walk Bugsy first.

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  1. I love to watch your images emerge... and I find it hard to believe your work is deserving of ridicule. Perhaps it is your fear of that ridicule, or rejection, that pushes your brain to think in a different direction. Or maybe it's just the different lighting in a gallery.