Friday, February 10, 2012

02/10/12 - Black and white work done between 02/01 and 02/10

I've been developing black and white work to be printed at AS220, most of it is being developed specifically for my upcoming show at ReBar in Brooklyn - I want to have hand pulled print work to not only break up the paintings. My work is extremely colourful and highly energetic and big. Too many of my paintings in one room, with nothing else to break it up, can be a bit overwhelming ...the black and white work will add a nice contrast. I also want to have a few things in a lower price range to offer.

So, this is the start:

I really love the photo of this little shoe shine boy - the kid is so exuberant

I love this pic and hopefully I'll b able to pull this off - I'm not good at multi layer screens. Registration is incredibly hard for me to do. We'll see.

My new drawing station set up in the kitchen

One possible logo/sticker

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