Monday, February 27, 2012

02/27 - A little worn down

A bit exhausted but have to keep working....just posted my 5th blog update on Kickstarter - I'm really excited I get to start working on my new brochere and having posters/color prints of my work made because my photographer just called to say "I'm all done!". I'm also psyched bc I have 9 Kickvestors - 20 days to go and the project is 18% funded!

Have tyo go showere and get to the photog's studio but here's some picks of silk screen work I've been printing and reworking at AS220 this last week:

I've added, in pencil, the title:  "My toe points me in the appropriate direction" up the side of the print. 

Title - "Private property: Not for use without expressed permission from owner"

"Un bridled enthusiam" and "Pride. I am a man" drying on the rack.

"Ek het ongebreidelde entoesiasme wat nie verlore
gaan, maak nie saak wat jy doen vir my" ( I have unbridled enthusiam, that cannot be lost, no matter what you do to me)

"My toe" on black

"Pride: I am a man, I am here, I am here. And everyday I earn my place" - finally fini!

Untitled for now. Working on appropriate text - they are boys who dug for coal during the depression. Rethinking the print needs a little brown...

1/2 of "Waiting" - just like the oil painting, the print "Waiting" is a 2 panel.

2nd 1/2 of "Waiting"

Oh, so tired but off we go to get on with the projects of the day....

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