Thursday, February 16, 2012

02/16 - One work in stages

Although I have several projects going including a large, small print project I'm looking forward to having the time to finish this one up - the colors are what I'd wanted, the look is almost spot on. I just want to get it finished:

The glare is distracting but that's what I got - the painting is only a few steps away from being done but. However, on top of working on the usual amount of paintings (5-7) at once, I'm juggling several other projects including developing and printing 18 or so illustrations, setting up a Kickstarter account to help fund my upcoming show, organizing work for the photographer and brochere desgner, developing tshirt designs, getting the new wedsite done and up, organizing work for the printer so I can start selling small posters of some of my paintings. There's a few other bits going on but that's the bulk. That and trying to take Bugsy and Tigers into consideration - it's easy for me to get lost in all my work and leave these two behind.

A piece of work that's always in stages.

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