Sunday, February 12, 2012

02/12 - Count down to DUMBO

I have 6 - 7 weeks before I have to have my work completed and ready for my upcoming one man show at ReBar's Walkway Gallery in Brooklyn....gulp. For the past 4 months (even with the all the time consuming obstacles - the leaky roof, the slumlord, taking the landlord to court 4 times, my RSD, the seizures it brings on, packing, finding an apartment, moving,  moving somemore, driving between the two cities, etc, etc, etc) I've managed to get work done. Lots of work done. Maybe not as much as I would've liked but still I've completed dozens of paintings on canvas, works on paper and gotten black and white illustrations ready to be solk screen and printed as well as continued to get work done on Scootertown ( I'm fairly proud of the work I've accomplished but hopefully I won't have distractions and I'll have an easier time producing even more work for the show, make a prelim visit to Brooklyn to tie up any lose ends with CAM, the curator, and enough time to get it all ready to hang.

Phew..... I'm a bit nervous about the amount of work I have to do yet but I'll get it done. I always do.

Gotta make a black board and start writing out my to do list(s) - my guts are turning. Dragon...dragon! Year of the Dragon!!!! I can DO IT!!!! DRAGON! ARRRRRRGH! Heart of the Dragon in the year of the Dragon!

Oh - I wrote out my to do list for 2012 and included going to the cinema once a week. Haven't gone once. That and losing weight seem to have been tabled not for lack of effort but for lack of time...I am walking more, exercising on my own again, eating less and I've whittled my diet down to including at least two bottles veg juice (made fresh every morning), 2 salads and 2 bowls of mini wheats and strawberries. I've cut out most baked goods...including my one cookie a day or 1-2 cupcakes a week policy but I'm not getting anywhere......nope, haven't lost an ounce and my body is getting squishier. Oh well. There we are.

Okay, 5 paintings started, 3 more canvas' waiting for outlines, have a pile of black and white work to get ready to print, blah, blah, I guess it would be prudent for me to shower and get to work on my writing a formal to do list. Opening is April 6th (?) 5Th(?)..... uh oh.....

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