Sunday, February 12, 2012

02/12 later in the pm

Okay, there is no way I can let the day go without following thru on a project. Lucky for me, just when I thought the day was lost, I happened to catch a late night radio show which enabled me to work on a couple of paintings while listeing to one of my favorite  interviewees, Louis CK Louis was on WTF, an inteview show dedicated to comics. And although I don't normally listen, mainly because I find most comics to be pretty annoying, I love listening to Louis talk. He's been on NPR's Fresh Air and a few other NPR shows that I enjoy bc he's not just a comic, he's an acotr, director, writer. He's loyal, smart, funny, honest and he's got a great take on things. He never goes for the most obvious answer or the most trendy approach. He's turned into a bit of an obsession for me...not the creepy stalked kind but the "oooh that was an interesting thing to say" kind - like Dylan Moran, another comic/actor I love listening to. Louis able to articulate so many things that I can't.

And then, just when I thought I'd lost the whole day to RSD, things turned around. Instead of staying a big lump on th futon, I was able to paint for about an hour this evening. I am incredibly grateful Louis CK was able to pull me out of my head for a while, here's what i accomplished tonight:

They're not done but I was able to get some work done and I'm able to say I did not waste the whole day on an illness that doesn't mind wasting me. 

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